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kerrFIT Train Smart
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Move better. Get lean. Be strong.
Specializing in Russian 'hardstyle' kettlebell training, bodyweight calisthenics and Primal Move for real results.
Learn how you can train smart with kettlebells.

kerrFIT Eat Well
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Sculpted bodies are made in the kitchen.
Look better, feel better and play better by eating real food that positively supports your goals. Learn how you can eat better.

Martine Kerr, Chief Strength, Movement & Fitness Instructor
Martine Kerr SFG II, CKFMS, RKC II, Primal Move Instructor

Dubai's first SFG II and CK-FMS Certified Instructor

With over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have designed and delivered thousands of training programs for individuals and groups, helping all sorts of clients progress towards their health and fitness objectives. A lifelong recreational athlete, my life changed in 2007 when I discovered kettlebells. Having seen, tried and tested so many fitness programs over the years – out of a insatiable desire just to know more, to have an educated opinion on offerings in my industry, or out of plain curiosity ­– it was adding purposeful kettlebell training to my program that delivered the most effective, efficient and incredible WTH (what the heck) body fat melting and physique sculpting results that I’d ever experienced in less training time than any other program. It was love at first swing. Totally hooked, I haven’t looked back since. [Read More]
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kerrFIT Certified Instructor Credentials

Move better. Train smart. Eat well. Get lean. Be strong.