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Look better. Feel better. Perform better…Eat well.

Watch your mouth. You can't out-exercise a bad diet.

The practice of eating well has a lot more to do with action that it has to do with knowledge. You can know exactly what to eat to drop body fat or build muscle but you'll still fall short of your goals if you don't actually do those things. At kerrFIT, we define good nutrition as mindful eating that supports three goals: to look better (improves body composition), to feel better (improves health) and to play better (improves athletic and everyday performance). Eat Well combines a science based supportive eating system (based on Precision Nutrition with practical adjustments based on personal and professional experience) with a coaching service that gives you the tools, support and accountability you need to make it happen.

Where do I start?

With your personal goals. By definition, nutrition that is 'supportive' helps you get there. Are you wanting to lose body fat? Maintain your weight? Maintain or add some lean body mass? Increase strength, endurance or performance? By when? What are you willing to do to achieve that/not willing to do yet? Never willing to do? Your answers to these and other hard questions are indicative of how realistic your goals are and will suggest specific nutritional strategies to get there (to the realistic ones that is).

How does it work?

Before our initial consultation, I'll ask you to complete a self-assessment, take some baseline measurements and to keep a very detailed food diary for up to 7 days. I'll analyze the information and prepare your supportive eating plan that addresses the "what", "how much" and "when" to eat to support your goal. That's the knowledge. Over the first month, we will meet once a week to review progress, build on supportive habits, troubleshoot challenges and address particular concerns. That's where we turn knowledge into action. In each following month of coaching, we will meet bi-weekly for 45 minutes.

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Move better. Train smart. Eat well. Get lean. Be strong.