kerrFIT Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor on Dubai Beach
Sun, sand, surf…love training at the beach.
kerrFIT Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor on Dubai Beach
This position hold stuff is hard work.
kerrFIT Kettlebell Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Made in the kitchen. Not with crunches.
kerrFIT Certified Kettlebell Instructor near the Burj Dubai
Overhead mobility.
kerrFIT TGU on the Beach
My favorite - the Turkish Get Up.
kerrFIT Hardstyle Plank
Holding the hardstyle plank.
kerrFIT Double KB Swing Setup
Lets throw another kettlebell into the mix.
kerrFIT Bodyweight Training
Can burpee, will travel.
kerrFIT Kettlebell Windmill
The Windmill.
kerrFIT Kettlbell Swing Setup
Swing set up.
kerrFIT Love Kettlebells
Never pass up the opportunity to laugh at yourself.
kerrFIT Bodyweight Training
Pullup bars are everywhere.
kerrFIT Kettlebell Muscle
When you believe, you can do anything.
kerrFIT Kettlebell Genuine Results
Strong does not equal bulky.
kerrFIT Bodyweight Training
Move well.
kerrFIT TRX Training
Backyard training with the TRX.
kerrFIT Bodyweight Training
kerrFIT to KULT Fitness
kerrFIT Certified Instructor Credentials

Move better. Train smart. Eat well. Get lean. Be strong.