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Move well. Get lean. Be strong…Train Smart.

Training smart starts with your goals. Are you looking to lose body fat, get stronger, build muscle tone or size, increase strength, have more energy, improve your performance, move better, get healthier or any combination thereof? Your fitness regime should therefore support your goals. It's about mindful choices of activities, programmed intelligently and consistently executed with sufficient zeal to elicit the desired training adaptations, positively impacting your goals. The point is that being good at exercise shouldn't be the goal. Nor is the goal to tire oneself out. There should be a greater purpose to your training. My approach to training is holistic in that I don't focus on just one area such as strength. Each training session incorporates joint mobility for healthy joints, strength for toning muscles and/or building them if that is your goal, cardio and aerobic conditioning, energy system training, core coordination, stability work and flexibility.

kerrFIT offers training services for everyone, from novice exercisers, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, seasoned athletes to instructors themselves. We combine 'hardstyle' Russian kettlebell training with bodyweight exercises and Primal Move in incredibly effective and efficient holistic training programs that can be customized to all fitness goals. We cater to ciients who want to see real, long-term results not those who just go through the motion or are just putting in their time at the 'gym'.

Move better.

It's great to have people excited about getting fitter and moving more. The issue is that more is not necessarily the answer, at least not right away. That's because more is not better. Better is better. With past injuries, motor control issues, mobility restrictions and movement asymmetries topping the predictive list of future injuries, it’s important to understand that putting fitness on top of dysfunction will yield at best lack luster results and at worst an injury. What’s great is that by removing weak links and movement compensations, your ability to burn fat, gain strength and get fitter improves. You perform better. You recover better. You decrease wear and tear. You feel better. Better is about the long run. So just how do we move better? Well it usually starts with identifying and acknowledging dysfunctions - that's done with a Functional Movement Screen and with Primal Flow Evaluations. Once we know the score, we can devise a plan to address them. We do the work and re-evaluate periodically making changes and progressing as you earn new mobility. The bottom line is that moving better is more often about taking away movements that reinforce bad patterns than it is about adding new exercises. You can't fix a car while it's driving.

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Move better. Train smart. Eat well. Get lean. Be strong.